Can fedi give me artists to peruse, preferably boost if they have alt text?

I'm not really into furry art, but I'm not hostile to it.

I just want to see cute stuff, video game fan-art, etc?




Do explore the following:










These are some of the active artists I follow and really enjoy seeing. The range in art is broad from Fine art to pixel art to character design and doing traditional art to digital and probably everything in between.

I post some art stuff as well. Over the weekend I posted on a painting of brass knuckles piece and built some furniture.

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You know, they didn't show up my followed tags for some reasons, but do check out the following for more cool content:






Some of the other artists I would have mentioned have already been listed in this thread already. We have some great artists on the !

lol, I just realized that wasn't even following you but had a lot of your posts in my followed tags 😆 Followed now, will get the full effect! 😻

@Clifford @lapis

Oh, thx for the mention! I almost never remember to put alt text for pics though, social media takes too much of my brain power even without it.

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