I'm curious.

How much money do you pay for real hard news per month (not social media, not cable news, no trade publications).

Do let me know in replies what you subscribe to.

Poll is USD but if your currency is different, please reply with your response.

#news #journalism #media



I only pay for local news. I have a digital subscription for a local paper, indystar.com/.

We also receive a weekly paper in the mail that covers my much smaller town specifically for free, youarecurrent.com/.

This episode of the patriot act does a great job demonstrating your local news is a good thing to support: youtube.com/watch?v=icNirsV1rL

I agree, the ads are TERRIBLE. Ad block them. But do support local news financially as they are CRITICAL.

@Clifford thank you for supporting this critical institution.

Also <3 Hasan.

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