Alright, the first 3 intro videos are up. If you are looking to learn some of the basics of Gimp or just interested in digital , this series is for you. I'll post more interesting videos here of other stuff once I get the basics done.

So here is ~30 minutes worth of new exclusive content on my instance!

Be sure to have your peertube admin follow my instance to help distribute the content! Thanks and please boost!

@Clifford Thanks, Clifford. I didn't know about peertube till you launched your instance. Fascinating.

I've watched the first 2 gimp videos; they're helpful. I'm a long time serverside developer. Minor image editing experience. No gaming.

Feedback re your small, black pointer on the dark gray background: sometimes you move to a new part of the screen at warp speed and I'm lost for a few seconds.

4⭐ / 5


Great feedback! I love a fast mouse and I'm running at 4k. I'll work in improving visibility for my mouse going forward!

Happy to introduce you to peertube. We need more content on the fedi and this is my contribution. Feel free to create an account on my instance or another and do some screen recording/video recording sessions of your own to share.

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