Alright, today I'm going to record a handful of informative videos for . Goal for today:

* Basic UI Overview
* Move and Align Tool Tutorial
* Basic Selection Tool Tutorial
* Advanced Selection Tool Tutorial
* Creative Selection Tool Tutorial

Taking a break from making videos. Need some beers.

I've got the intro to UI done. Decided I need to do one on layers early so I'm doing that next. From there, I'll do the rest. I'm linear. What can I say.

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Alright, I've got 3 video's done. I'll upload them once this selection video is rendered out; ~ 20 minutes.

Final list is:
- Basic UI Overview
- Layers + Move Tool
- Basic Selection Tool

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@Clifford Looking forward to seeing the UI intro on Gimp is something I've played with a few times but, you know, that UI! 😖

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