each API endpoint is like a separate Go binary

the fuck are these people smoking
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Lol, I've not looked at dentrite in some time. I've been running synapse since they migrated the code to python 3.

@Clifford does it still eat 100% cpu and take forever to load a huge room like the matrix.org dev channel?


Let me see how long it takes to join that channel. Normally though, the CPU runs at effectively nothing.

@Clifford when i used to run it, synapse would always be eating 100% cpu
@Kinetix @Clifford Nope, on a dual xeon with 64GB RAM, etc etc. Had 24 cores.

This was 2 years ago. But Synapse still has the Python GIL issue.
@Clifford @Kinetix Global Interpreter Lock. Major issue with Ruby, Python, I think Perl as well.

@feld @Kinetix

Huh, didn't know about GIL. I guess going to to dendrite though, I'll be curious how it will perform. I know upgrading synapse has been pretty painless, but I'm assuming deploying a go app should be much easier.

@Clifford @Kinetix it appears that it will be many Go apps listening on many ports. A Rube Goldberg machine

@feld @Kinetix

According to the diagram you shared, I'd agree with that 😂 I'll probably just stick with synapse for a while.

@Clifford @feld @Kinetix Pretty much the only way around it is by forking out multiple processes and marshalling things between them as needed. Python makes it pretty easy to do so, but it's not as efficient as having everything use the same address space.
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