I'm getting pretty cozy with @ManjaroARM Linux on the @PINE64 . Here are some pictures I took running @kde .

It isn't without fault, but I love it so far 😻

Posted some pictures on my account for the curious:

@Clifford @ManjaroARM @PINE64 @kde Hi ! Oh it's funny, I know a loved one who is in a hurry to buy it. Can we already order it all installed with KDE ? - complicated to put on?

It's not hard to install it, but it's not very usable as a phone yet. The software runs but I haven't tried anything exciting like phone calls, texts, or anything like that as I don't have a sim to fit that slot. The keyboard doesn't show up for some apps, no app store, etc. It's certainly a work in progress!

I'd recommend waiting a bit longer if your loved one isn't very Linux savy. If they love to hack on Linux, it's super fun!

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