Got luneos from webos-ports onto an sd card and into my #pinephone
My wife, a still faithful former Palm Pre owner, may suddenly become interested in one... (once it is further along on being usable)



That looks really nice!

Have you brought your phone onto a cellular network yet? I think I'm going to order a sim from Ting and give that a shot. I don't have a sim that fits for Verizon and i don't particularly want to add a new device to my plan..yet.

@Clifford I haven't - as soon as one of these OSes has stable enough sw to send/receive text/mobile data at a minimum I'll be switching my current primary SIM over to the pinephone. goin all in!

@Clifford the bug reports I shall file will be glorious, filled with expected vs actual behavior and stack traces and log files galore!!


Have you tried Ubuntu touch? It's the most usable from my limited testing.

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