So size references, here is an Samsung Galaxy S9 on the left. The pine phone is larger and is closer in size to my S9+!

It is thicker than the S9 though, not anything at all like the purism phone!

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That back side the phone is pretty uneventful, but here are a few shots to show the texture and whatnot.

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We have a little notch on the bottom right corner to get into the guts... Let's have a lil look.

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Back case popped off easy enough. I worked a tiny flathead up the left side of the initial opening and it came off fairly easily.

Contacts are covered for the battery. Removing that. Also censored potential info on the radio.

Also, hardware kill switches 😻

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Alright, this will be the last post until I start flashing some SD cards. We've got a postmarketos splash screen and a factory test app that loads. Stay tuned!

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First up is postmarketOS. I believe this is probably going to be the most painless. Documentation for installation is spot on and east to follow so far:

Thanks for concise documentation @postmarketOS!

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