Alright, work debate came up. Looking for all my people.

How to you pronounce ?

Please boost ☠️

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@Clifford internally i read it as var-ez because i learned it in a non-English context, but i when speaking i know i should pronounce it like "wares" (like "hardware")

@Clifford "Wares", as in "teh hardwares and teh softwares". 😛

@claudiom The poll agrees at the moment! I can't do it though...wareEZ was how I've read this in my head for as long as I can remember! 😆

@Clifford And for me it's the other way around, heh. 😁

@Clifford I said wear-ez for many many years until finally learning that it might be wares, so in practice my brain still reads it as 2 syllables

@68km IT MUST BE TRUE THEN! I'm in the two syllable camp as well! 😆

@Clifford Growing up, I'd say "war - ez" but I only knew one other computer kid in my high school. I didn't hear it again until like two years ago where I had a manger that called it "wares" .. didn't recognize the term at first.

@djsumdog I still don't recognize it pronounced as "wares" without more context in conversation. Ware-ez is immediately identifiable to me.

@Clifford I've always silently snickered when I've heard you say "Ware-ez".

@Clifford ... I'm curious @don_gato, maybe Clifford is trying to say...Juárez?

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