Man, I created this some time ago with the expectation I would get some printed as stickers. It's an origami . Unfortunately, I did this using illustrator, but I should totally break out inkscape and recreate it.

Thought I'd post a link to the stickers I've listed on ebay if anyone was interested in picking up some:

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Reminds me of Turbo Linux, a distribution from late 90s to early 00s that I think was loosely based on Red Hat.

I don't think I ever hacked around with that one. There have been SOOO many distros come and go, it's nuts!

If I end up redoing it in inkscape, I'll get some printed and distribute them!

Just ordered 200 2.5 x 5 in (6.25 x 12.7 cm) off of your conversion. Waiting on a proof currently but once I approve and receive the stickers, I'll DM you to get an addy so I can send a few your way. Thanks for hacking on it :)

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