Alright, this mofo just passed his rough in inspection after adding the 3 outlets over the weekend😎

Well, gimp has really decided that it doesn't like working with large files. It has crashed more in the last 5 hours than it has ever crashed since I've used it. I've configured it to use up to 30gb of ram and it's using it all. Probably going to have to break this image up into smaller portions and tackle it in bite size chunks.

So, I've scanned one side of the primal rage cabinet and used to reassemble. Next step is to remove the scuffs and other defects and then I'll work on restoring the red that missing from an aggressive cleaner. Happy with the progressive so far.

This box smells like a grandmas house. I’ll be happy if the scanner works. Will test tonight.

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In my quest to restore the artwork on my primal rage cabinet, I’ve bought an old school scanner to get high resolution imagery. Any who, it came with a bonus disk. Let me know if you need some AOL interwebs time 🤣😂

I’m taking the night off from being productive. I’ve got so many things done that have been on my todo list since the kids are away. Tonight is dumb movies and chilling in bed. Cause fuck it.

Alright so holy fuck. After replacing all of the caps and pots, adjusting the b+ voltage…this monitor looks REALLY GOOD! Excuse the refresh line 😂🤣 Good old analog tech. All that is left now is to clean up this cabinet. I think we’ll get it ready for the basement!

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Alright, final hot water update.

9 days measured use on old unit: 93.9kWh
46 days measured on hybrid unit: 96.4kWh


Alright, inspection was pretty good although it still failed. My fire blocking and framing was good and 99% of the electrical was good. We need a few outlets installed in locations that don't have one. The bathroom outlet is weird. It has to be on 12/2 wire and tied into a GFI circuit. We'll be able to tie into existing 12/2 for the bathroom circuit since it runs through the basement. Just a junction box and running some wire 😎

Really happy otherwise. Glad there isn't major rework 😅

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Alright, that’s enough for the day. Board is capped and new pots installed. I’ll probably put it all back together this week and see if we fixed any of the issues it had before. I’m looking for an adapter for this monitor to use with my rejuvenator to bring some life to the tube, but I’m hoping this may fix some of the other issues. We’ll see. 🤞

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Caps are removed. Replacing them all with nichicon caps. No joke, desoldering gun was the best thing I’ve picked up in a while. Makes desoldering easy, less stressful, and surprisingly satisfying.

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