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In other news...ordered some replacement buttons for my arcade and received a smaller package containing "Fake Node Ring Body Piercing Jewelry".

Trying to muster up the energy to do something creative with but I'm struggling. Not due to creativity...but energy. It's been a helluva week.

So I'm not a big fan of the stuff that has done...except this magical piece of but I can't seem to find anything else like it. It's a little bit of + vocals + vocals. I love it. Help me find more ❤️

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#PinePhone hype!
We finally managed to boot into #ManjaroARM #PlasmaMobile on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

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@inkscape is a vector graphic design program that lets you create logos, banners and astounding technical and artistic drawings. Think CorelDraw! or Illustrator, but with the open SVG format and none of the closed source-ness. Support Inkscape at:


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Today is #GivingTuesday. Help your favorite Free and Open Source projects by donating helping out.

For example, the Fediverse makes social media free, federated and fun.

Help, donate and use Mastodon, Friendica, or the newcomer Pixelfed, the Free and Open Source social platform for sharing your photos. #GivingTuesday

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Spent the weekend watching on . That was pretty good. Had to break that bad boy up in two sittings. It's hard to find 3 hours of free time living this .

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I do believe I'm going to try and make a bow tie tomorrow and put it on one of my cats. It's not a big goal, but it's goal.

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Hey makers!

We know many people use the #inkscape #gcode extension (gcodetools), which we have improved and updated to python3.

We need testers to check everything is still right!

Please go to, so we can help you get started with testing.

Let's work together to make 1.0 a good release for makers ;)

(please boost to reach other makers, thanks!)

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#FollowFriday #FF

With today being #BlackFriday I'd like to dedicate the toot to ethical consumerism!

First is @fsfe and their ethical tech giftlist

@PINE64 that makes singleboard computers and laptops

@Framasoft that does libre software projects like Peertube and Mobilizon

@kde making great libre software

@fdroidorg alternative to GooglePlay for Android

@Krita my favorite libre software art program

@nextcloud decentralized alternative to googledrive

So I picked up a Lodge brand griddle a few months back and I absolutely love cooking on it. Seriously, bacon hasn't tasted this good since my grandma used to cook it on her cast iron pans.

I've slayed eggs, asparagus, and greenbeans on it as well. It really is a utility piece of cookware. Not to mention it looks sexy as hell on my stove top!

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I'd love to have a mastodon calendar bot for a international fixed calendar (Where weeks starts with mondays ofc) but don't know how to set it up or anything.

Is there anyone who are interested in helping me out with this bot?

#bot #mastodon #fediverse #linux #libresoftware #opensource #foss #floss

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