Wow, the speaks to me. I didn’t know it was a thing widely. But yeah, I do this pretty much every night. My kids go down around 9pm, wife around 11. I get 2 - 3 hours of down time from life to focus on me. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember and it’s certainly one of my favorite parts of my day.

Revenge bedtime procrastination

Olaf down here in the bat cave construction zone. He’s my basement protector.

Well it’s probably no Kenya Guinness, but it’s not bad. The citrusy flavor gives it an IPA taste. Not sure if I’d buy it again. 🤔

please enjoy this video of a little round blue jay eating tomatoes

Krita 4.4.2 released! Over 300 changes, many bugs fixed, new features (mesh gradients, mesh transform, gradient fill layer and new gradient editor, improved halftone filter and more).

Maybe someone can help with this:

Pleroma does not have a Wikipedia article at the moment. There was a draft, but it was rejected, see here. It seems that the main issue was that there was no reliable third party source in that article. Pleroma was featured in issue 9/2018 of Nikkei Linux, so that could probably be added, see

If anyone knows how wikipedia works and wants to help get this article in, this would be much appreciated!

So what a surprise.

I took the last two weeks off from work, IT based stuff and things, to work on framing up my basement which should be done today. Anywho,I signed on today to do work stuff and forgot it was a holiday😶

Back to working on the basement I suppose. Plumber comes tomorrow to do the rough in work and electrical the weekend after. Should be calling for my inspection in the next couple of weeks 🤞

Alright, my new piggy bank came today 🥰 Now, to finish this basement so I can actually put it somewhere not in my garage...


Jesus, I’m wrecked about this. I’m going to miss the live blogging and seeing ol yeller on display in South Carolina.

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Well this is fucking terrible. Absolutely terrible. One of my favorite fediverse members has passed.

I hadn’t seen any posts from him lately and I always worry about him. Any who friends, the world is a darker place and the fediverse lost a true legend.

Rest In Peace @pla, ride on friend. I’m glad you got your 10k miles in 2020 and you died doing what you loved.

Goodbye friend

My soon to be 12 year old daughter was invited to ISSMA for her sweet flute skills. My wife was a flautist and couldn’t be happier. I recorded a video of my wife telling her the big news. Her reaction was pretty energetic 😂😏

Any who, having kids gives me a lot to be proud of. This certainly made me smile😊

Uploaded the video to peertube. If you need a smile, check it out!

Been busy working on framing a basement lately. Only have the bathroom to do and I’ve got a date with my plumber to come over on Thursday to keep aligned. First time doing metal studs, will most def use them again.

In these pictures, they aren’t attached but instead placed in the track and waiting to be attached. That’s tomorrow’s task.

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