Can't sleep...played some . Beat the final boss without taking a hit. Sooo...not sleeping wasn't an entire loss?


It's friday, so it's crawl time!
Today it's #WineCrawl day.
I enjoyed two very fine places:
- #TheKitchen where I sipped a #Sangiovese
- #MessyDesk with a glass of #Chianti
I should go back to these places!
#HomeCrawl #Lockdown

I've seen a few mumblings on here on the fedi. This article just popped up on my news feed and thought it was interested.

Looks like is leading the corporate charge by not paying rent at any of its facilities in April.

Well, my gig internet is really paying for itself today. I'm pulling in +500gb of data at some breakneck speeds. This is going to take a week...

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Sometimes, being a lazy gets in the way of growth. I'm currently scrapping a large archive...something like 12k files.

I could have used beautifulsoup in ...but instead did some super hacky shit using + + .

I'm ashamed and proud....all at the same time.

Whole lotta newly-minted statistics experts this month, eh?


Kudos to on the Boeing Board of Directors for noping the fuck out and drawing attention to the parallel of the bailout ask.

Interest rates are low, go borrow your bailout . Fuck off.

Portrait of a seed thief.

I put seed out for my local King Parrots, but the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos have now discovered it and are regular visitors.

I wouldn't mind so much, but they are messy eaters and have a habit of being destructive when bored.

#bird #birb #AustralianWildlife #SulphurCrestedCockatoo #photo #nature

Covid19 purchase showed up today! Going to have my 11 year old hook it up 🤣😂 let's do this !

Woof. No love on Linux with my setup and proton. I'll mess around with it tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm booting into Winblows.

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About to play Life with the family. Where the fuck is the covid19 action?! I feel a game hack coming...

Did a face sketch and color today in . Has a very Mike Judge + Beavis and Butthead feel to it. I really like the watercolor brushes in Krita. I used 2 different ones for the background + splatter.

Working from home with 3 kids and a wife is super challenging. Like...SUPER challenging. Normally, working from home is enjoyable, productive, and stress free. But legit, this is tough. Trying to maintain a conference call with a 2 and 5 year year old going full nuclear over a Cinderella toy is painful.

Fortunately, my employer is solid and my team is understanding. But work throughput is going into the ground 😞 These are trying times for everyone.

Writing code will introduce bugs

Therefore projects with no fixed scope will always be adding new bugs

Therefore web browsers will never be stable or secure

So for the was probably one of the hardest games of all time. I read once that was Disney wanted a game that could not be beat over a weekend rental.

Fuck this

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