One of my favorite lines ever is a quote from one of their songs...

“ The only thing worth having
Is what can't be taken away”

Here, put it in your ears...

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Love it when old punk bands come out with new shit. If you love 80s and 90s , released a new song on Friday 🥰

To make it even sweeter, it’s part of a full length album brought to us by none other than ❤️🥰

Be still my heart...

My old neighbor has one of these. If it was electric, this would be a a no brainer.

Man, iOS keyboard suggestions on my mastodon notifications page is off the charts. My friends are the best!

Welp, I guess it’s official. Old as fuck. Basically dead at this point. 👴

Slogan of Al Smith, presidential candidate for the 1928 and 1932 elections.

He was anti-prohibition, and prohibition was referred to as 'making America dry' so the reverse of it was considered making America 'wet'. This led to an unfortunate slogan that didn't age, or aged fantastically depending on how you view it.

Probably a bit too real for the masses. On the bright side, native Linux support 😉

Hot take of the of the best looking games for the was Alien 3. The sprites and animations for this game are great.

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