Schönbergalm im wunderschönen Schneekleid. Damit ist der Kurzbesuch in den Alpen auch wieder vorbei

Next thing I need to solve is how do I follow other people and how do they follow me. Most docs and videos on the fediverse just skip over that.

This announcement better not happen while I'm getting my coffee. Their countdown timer appears to be off as it says it's happening in a few hours but their last post says "any minute".

Either way, COFFEE FIRST.

Ready for our live stream? Go to and be patient - the page auto-refreshes until our stream goes live - any minute now!
#bignews #staytuned

Tusker (my iOS app for Mastodon) is going to need an app icon soon. I can make something crappy to use in the short term, but in the slightly longer term I'd like to commission. someone to make a nice one. So, if you are or know an artist who does app icons and are open for commissions, please let me know!

(boosts appreciated)

Alright, work debate came up. Looking for all my people.

How to you pronounce ?

Please boost ☠️

Without fail, if I find "No Country for Old Men" on, I'm going to watch it. What is a movie you can't NOT watch if you come across it.

Side note, it's not even my favorite movie nor do I own it.

find your domain HERE:

look at what some researchers think your server is about
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